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Interesting Informations About Mirror


Have you ever wondered how the mirrors are spent in the face of your many moments? An empty glass is a journey through which the mirrors that we spend our hours are formed.

The first mirror consisted of curled and well polished metal pieces. With the opportunities developed with time, the Venetians built untreated glass mirrors in the 14th century. In 1835, a German chemist developed silver lined mirrors that we used today.

Mirror and  Woman Beauty
Mirror and Woman Beauty

The journey of a mirror begins with an empty glass. Before the glass, pressure is applied with cerium oxide in powder form, obtained from water and some kind of soil in the washing section of the factory, and the oil and other components on the glass are cleaned with the help of the rotating brush. After this process, the glass is rinsed with minerals and hot water. The mineral in the fountain water can damage the metals used in the progressive processes, so the glass is rinsed with mineral water. After this process the lining of the glass forms a liquefied tin.It will provide cement sticking to the second metal, . The silver applied here is mixed with a chemical activator and is in liquid state. In the case of the silver tin interacting with the liquid, the solid begins to solidify in the initials and the reflection is now formed in the glass.

After this process the excess silver which will return to the apparatus with the aid of the sprayer is thrown. The silver glaze on the mirror is kept with 2 layers of paint. But the paints used in this process can not keep silver silver for a long time. After cleaning with the help of the excess copper sprayer, the pan comes to be dried in the oven at 71 degrees Celsius. After this process, the humidity on the surface of the mirror is evaporated in a short time like 75 seconds.

After this process, the mirror is dried in a second oven at a temperature of 98 C for 1 minute 45 seconds. The mirror which comes out of the mirror goes through the curtain coating again for a second coat and this time it is different from the one at 118 C. After the process, the mirror is washed with 2 layers of acid. If another air gap is to be checked, if there is any air bubbles on the mirror, that part is cut off. The computer comes with a very fine working machine.

In fact, we learned how the mirror came from an empty glass and how it went through.

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